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01 Aug Kostas Tsaknidis
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Κostas Tsaknidis is a product designer. Born in 1987, he worked in many different fields and workplaces. He deployed these experiences and knowledge, and after his successful studies (BA in PRODUCT & DESIGN INNOVATION of MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY) where he graduated in 2018, he is working as an industria..
01 Aug Angelina Tassi
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Angelina Tassi is a young product designer. She was born in Athens in 1998. She is a graduate of the AKTO university with a BA degree in Product Design and Innovation. Her mother is from Finland where she got the stimuli for Scandinavian design and ecological consciousness in her design. Her goal is..
31 Jul Giannis Spanopoulos
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Giannis Spanopoulos is a young talented artist.Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1975, he is an Iakovidou School graduate, with distinction in Painting and Art History. He has strong professional experience and has participated in numerous exhibitions. In 1997 he entered the TRASH ART group exhibition i..
30 Jul Maria Chiotakou
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Maria Chiotakou is a painter and a graphic designer. Born in Piraeus in July 1964, she is a Graphic Design and Animation graduate of TEI of ATHENS. She has studied freehand drawing, color and architectural design at the PLAKA and Stefos schools in Athens. Today, she works as a freelancer. Maria expe..
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